Transportation Industry Insurance

Trucking Insurance

Long haul trucking can be defined as farther than 200-300 kilometres from the driver’s home terminal. Knowing your Property and Liability exposures when on and off the road is key to keeping your staff, trucks, and Cargo safe. Knowing where, and the distance you travel annually, is key in having the proper insurance program in place for your business At Wilson M Beck Insurance, we have the knowledge to help you with Risk Management Strategies to keep your business exposures safe and save you money on your commercial insurance.

Motor Truck Cargo

Motor Truck Cargo insurance is a key component to this insurance strategy that we can help you with. Whether you are hauling your own goods or equipment, or providing a service for your client, we can arrange the right insurance program with you. Many trucking companies are faced with not having adequate limits or correct risk management programs in place and hence can be put out of business. Choosing a knowledgeable insurance broker and having a tailored insurance program is key to the success of your business in the event of a claim.

Transportation Insurance

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