Autoplan / Car Insurance

Protecting BC’s Drivers

Driving in British Columbia means registering your vehicle with ICBC and insuring your vehicle with Autoplan. Our experienced insurance professionals can make this process quick and easy, explain the difference between optional coverages, and ensure you get the best rate possible with your driving record, vehicle, and coverage requirements. We can also help you compare private insurance options which may save you money or provide better coverage. We’re here to help whether you’re insuring a new vehicle, renewing your insurance, or importing a vehicle into BC. Trust us to provide constructive advice and superior service for all of your car insurance needs:

Tip: When renewing your insurance, be sure to bring in your driver’s license and current insurance documents.

Private Insurance

Although all vehicles must be registered with ICBC and include basic Autoplan coverage, it is not your only choice for coverage in British Columbia. Private insurance can be a great way to reduce your overall insurance costs or maximize your protection. Our insurance professionals can help you choose from a variety of private insurance options and ensure those policies work together to protect your vehicle and your family.

Autoplan / Car Insurance

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